This image says ramsey plus is now available for church members

God cares about what we do with money because He cares about every aspect of our lives. That’s why Christ Lutheran Church has invested in a new plan called Ramsey+.

Together, we’ll learn what it means to be good stewards of all God has given us.

Financial Peace University is a transformational program to help people get and stay out of debt and take control of their money – for the rest of their life!

This is what Dave Ramsey himself has to say: It’s Time for Financial Peace

Who is Financial Peace University for?

                  • Young people struggling with too much month at the end of their paycheck,
                  • Anyone who recently lost their job or had their income reduced,
                  • Everyone who wants to be more intentional about reducing their debt or maximizing their savings and giving.

Why would a Senior Citizen on a fixed income come to the class?

                  • You will learn something – guaranteed.
                  • You can be an encourager for a child, grandchild, neighbor, or friend.

New Class Starts January 26– Zoom in from anywhere!

Class start:

Day: Tuesday January 26

Time: 6:30pm

Class Coordinator: LeAnne (Priebe) Cooper

This will be a Zoom only class!

The class last for 9 weeks and will finish March 23, before Holy Week.

To Register:

Step 1 –

Click here to complete the membership form.

Then return here and:

Step 2 –

Click here to select your class – 7PM Sunday January 26.

You are all set! Congratulations, you are two steps closer to Financial Peace!

The Zoom link will be sent to all who register.

Click here to stay up to date on any class news: Facebook Page.

There will be a suggested donation of $35 to $50 if you so desire.

Sponsors so far include: Thrivent and the Flour Shop.