“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19


Ways to Serve within the Community

Our youth, the young families of our congregation and our community remain the heart of the Youth Board. We continue equipping the youngest of our community for the work Christ started with His disciples long ago. Our youth demonstrate Christ’s Love when they engage in service roles, such as ushering, serving meals, decorating the church for Christmas and caroling during Advent.  Through our fellowship events like bible studies, conferences,  retreats and family events, we strive to engage youth and young families in the Gospel of Christ, as we share His Love for us.

Ways to Serve within the Congregation

Prayer Team – Terri

The prayer chain is open to anyone interested in praying for others in a confidential manner. If interested, you will be placed on a phone chain. When a prayer request is made, you will be contacted and then asked to pass the information along to the next person on the chain.

Soup Kitchen – Jerry and Julie

Our church cooks and serves the Soup Kitchen in Benton Harbor once a month. This is an opportunity to serve the community. If you can’t serve, you can help cook the night before, or donate needed items. The list of each month’s needs is posted on the door to the right of the church mailboxes.

50+ Group – Ellen

This group of members, 50 years and older, meet the first Wednesday of each month excluding January and July. In December and June, they get together for a luncheon and in August, they have a picnic. During the other monthly meetings, they have devotions, a program or speaker, and close with refreshments.

Stephen Ministry – Pat and Bob

This group of specially trained individuals are care givers to people in need because of a crisis in their lives. A two-year training is necessary to become a Stephen Minister.

Ushering – Glenn

Ushering is done by men on a volunteer basis. The men are assigned to a particular church service and then serve one month at a time on a rotating basis.

Visitor’s Center – Harry

Anyone can assist at the Visitor’s Center. The main task is to greet people, especially visitors, and hand out information to these visitors (such as special visitor bulletins). There is usually one individual manning the center each Sunday on a rotating basis.

Choir, Adult – Mark S.

This is open to any confirmed member of the congregation that enjoys singing. There are no auditions! You don’t have to be able to read music, just be able to learn and follow along! The choir meets on Thursday evenings during the school year and rehearses from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. You get summers off!

Instrumental Music – Carl

There are a wide variety of music groups available to members. Anyone interested in playing for a service or even just joining the jazz band for concerts and fellowship should contact our band director.

Greeters – Harry

Any individual or couple that would like to greet members and visitors at the church doors on Sunday mornings. Greeters are assigned to a particular service and then serve for one month.

Ladies League – Laura

Every woman in the congregation is invited to attend and that means any age! (There are a variety of age groups in attendance!) The Ladies League meets monthly September – May and various topics and programs (e.g. health, decorating, missions, etc.) are presented. There are also groups of interest within the Ladies League, such as meeting to do crafts. Ladies League also sponsors Helping Hands in which members in need (illness, new baby) are contacted and appropriate help, such as a meal, is arranged. New members receive a free cookbook at their first meeting!

LWML – Joyce

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is an organization of Missouri Synod women who work for various missions. There is a local chapter, and activities are reported via Ladies League. LWML sponsors retreats, speakers, and other programs in our area. Conventions are also held locally and nationally.

LLL and Men’s NetWork – Jerry

A group of men dedicated to spreading the Gospel around the world. The local chapter meets on Zoom monthly from October through April for fellowship and Bible Study! There are also golf and other activities along with the annual Camp Arcadia Men’s retreat!

Mailbox Stuffers

Although this may not sound too glamorous, it is a good way to volunteer if you have an odd schedule, or not much time. There are always items which need to be put into the mailboxes in the church commons area. You can pick things up in the office and do it on your own time when the building is open. Not everything can be digital you know!

Altar Guild – Dianna

The Altar guild is a group that cares for the chancel area and sets up for communion, baptisms, etc. Individuals serve with a partner on a rotating basis for one month at a time. (Usually 1 – 2 times a year) This is a great service opportunity for those who like to remain behind the scenes.

Banner Making Committee – Celeste

The banner committee meets as needed (about once or twice a month) to make banners for the church. Each child baptized receives a simple banner with their name on it. No talent is necessary, and it is a good way to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nursery Volunteers

The church nursery is staffed for Sunday church services and Bible class. This is done by volunteers on a rotating basis, usually, but not exclusively, by those who use the nursery for their children. The nursery is available for children 3 and under and the services can be viewed in the nursery. If you are looking to meet parents of other young children, or prefer working with young children, this is a good place to start. No long-term commitment is expected; just sign up for the dates and times you choose on the sign-up sheet in the nursery.

Church Boards

Board of Christian Education – The Why?

“Let the little children come to me”. We believe Jesus’ words that children are important. We believe we are called to provide a place where children learn surrounded by Christ’s people proclaiming Christ’s love. Teachers, pastors, office staff, lunch lady, church volunteers – all are here to witness Jesus to the children as they grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Why does a person give their time to help others in the church? Property Committee

We represent Jesus to both our members and to the community with awesome landscaping, keeping the temperature in the building is comfortable for all visitors, and by keeping the facility safe and working properly. It is very rewarding knowing that a small group of dedicated men and women make this happen.

Part of being a team is to have a common goal. The board of Properties has developed priorities and a great team of contractors. With a great team and a plan it helps keep things looking and running well. It is a rewarding time because we love doing it and know it is appreciated.

Board of Youth – The Why?

Our Youth Board serves as an extension of the mission of Christ Lutheran Church: Christ’s people, proclaiming Christ’s love. We are dedicated to teaching our youth and young families about Christ’s love for them. Through our fellowship events, bible studies, conferences, lock-ins, Confirmation retreats and family events–like game nights and movie nights, we strive to engage youth and young families in the Gospel of Christ, as we share His Love for us. Our youth demonstrate Christ’s Love when they engage in service roles, such as ushering during worship, serving meals to the congregation, decorating the church for Christmas and Caroling during Advent. The youth and young families of the congregation and our community remain the heart of the Youth Board, as we continue to equip the youngest of our community for the work Christ started with his disciples long ago.

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