We Believe In The Gospel

Here at Christ Lutheran Church and School, we believe, teach and confess the Apostolic faith as proclaimed by the Apostles and the Church Fathers before us. We believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our congregation is confessional, which means that we hold the Holy Scriptures as the only source and judge for what we teach and practice. We also hold fast to the teachings of the Lutheran Confessions written in the Book of Concord, and that they are a correct interpretation of the Holy Bible. We are also a congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

That being said, we stand with St. Peter as he confessed Jesus to be the Christ, the only Son of the Living God. (Matthew 16:16) By doing so, we at Christ Lutheran Church and School, in accordance with the Bible, gather around God’s Word to receive from Him that which he gives to us for the sake of Christ—Forgiveness of Sins.

Jesus Christ, in his great humility, took on our human flesh in order that He might bear the sin of the world. By doing so, Christ would die for the sins of the whole world by way of the cross; and three days later, He would rise again from the dead in order to proclaim a victory over death and bring to his people eternal life thru the forgiveness of sins. We believe that this life is freely given to the church by means, which we call sacraments. As we gather around God’s Word, we come to receive these sacraments of Holy Baptism and The Lord’s Supper. In Holy Baptism, God adopts us as his children sealing us with his name—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the Lord’s Supper, Christ nourishes his children by feeding us his very body and blood.

In our church today, we give thanks that our God has blessed us with these gifts, and we rejoice that he continues to nourish us through the preached word and administration of these Sacraments. Through these great gifts of the LORD, Christ Lutheran Church and School has been strengthened to do the very mission that we had started so long ago: Christ’s People Proclaiming Christ Love. In this way we pray that our God would bless you, and we invite you to come and share in the blessings that our God gives to all mankind through Jesus Christ our LORD.

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