Christ Lutheran School competes with local schools in a variety of sports; we belong to the Lutheran League for boy’s soccer and basketball, and girl’s soccer, basketball and volleyball. 7th and 8th grade boys may also participate in football.


The athletic program at Christ Lutheran School is one of the means by which we attempt to accomplish our school’s goals. Through athletics, we strive to help our young people:

  1. Give witness to the glory of God in all that they do.
  2. Strive for excellence in the development of the talents which God has given them.
  3. Prepare for a life of Christian service through the unique lessons learned in athletics.
  4. Develop an exposure to, and enjoyment in physical activity that will lead to lifetime involvement and maintenance of the physical temple God has given them.

To this end, instruction and practice is the right of all students. Participation on a team of Christ Lutheran School, however, is a privilege. Along with this privilege come certain responsibilities in the area of preparation, attitude, sportsmanship, and academics. It is the firm opinion of this school that these responsibilities exist both in and out of school, both in athletic and non-athletic settings. We recognize the need for God’s strength and guidance in meeting these responsibilities.


  • Basketball – 3rd-8th grades
  • Soccer – 5th-8th grades (occasionally offered to 4th graders)
  • Football – 7th-8th grades


  • Basketball – 3rd-8th grades
  • Soccer – 5th-8th grades (occasionally offered to 4th graders)
  • Volleyball – 5th-8th grades

Field Day

Each Spring, students in grades 5-8 take part in a Field Day, a fun event involving track and field competitions. Lower grade students participate in a mini field day in the Spring as well.

Athletic Forms & Information