CLS offers a variety of extra-curricular sports activities. We are members of the County Lutheran Athletic League (CLAL), consisting of:Christ Lutheran in Stevensville, Trinity in St. Joseph,Trinity in Berrien Springs, Grace in St. Joseph, St. Paul’s in South Haven, St. Paul’s in Stevensville, and Resurrection in South Bend, IN. The League has also welcomed Our Lady of the Lake in St. Joseph and St. Basil’s in South Haven to participate in League offerings out of good Christian fellowship, and in the interest of providing more opportunities for children of Christian schools in our area.

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CLS volleyball team fall 2022
CLS volleyball team fall 2022
CLS boys basketball fall 2022


The athletic program at Christ Lutheran School is one by which we attempt to accomplish our school’s goals. Through athletics, we strive to help our young people accomplish the following specific goals:

  • Give witness to the glory of God in all that they do.
  • Strive for excellence in the development of the talents which God has given.
  • Prepare for a life of Christian service through the unique lessons learned in athletics.
  • Develop exposure to, and enjoyment in, physical activity that will lead to lifetime involvement and maintenance of the physical temple God has given.

To this end, instruction and practice is the right of all students. Participation on a team of Christ Lutheran School, however, is a privilege. Along with this privilege come certain responsibilities in the area of preparation, attitude, sportsmanship, and academics. It is the firm opinion of this school that these responsibilities exist both in and out of school, both in athletic and non-athletic settings. We recognize the need for God’s strength and guidance in meeting these responsibilities.


The athletic program is divided into three divisions:

C Division (3rd & 4th Grades):
The C level is designed to introduce the student-athlete to the game. Playing time will be as close to equal over the course of the season as possible, but not necessarily per game.

B Division (5th & 6th Grades)
The B level builds on C level introduction, but athletes are still in the developmental stages. It will be our goal to ensure playing time for each athlete in each game under normal circumstances.

A Division (7th & 8th Grades)
While acknowledging that “winning isn’t everything”, coaches are committed to providing our teams with the best opportunity to win within the rules, and represent the school in a manner that inspires and exemplifies pride.

Athletic Forms & Information

Please remember that your child can NOT participate in athletic events at CLS (practices or games) until these items are submitted to the school office:

  1. The MHSAA Physical Form signed by a doctor, parent/guardian & student athlete
  2. The CLS Consent to Treat Form signed by a parent
  3. The Concussion Form signed by a parent and the student athlete
  4. The CLS Parent/Guardian Contract signed by BOTH parents *
  5. The CLS Student-Athlete Contract signed by the student athlete *

* Both the CLS Parent/Guardian Contract and the CLS Student-Athlete Contract are found on the last page of the CLS Athletic Procedures & Policies Handbook.